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 Of course.
It's November 26th, in Japan. I even put a clock on.


Who'd think this cutie is 30?! 
Me loves you, darn cute Ohno Satoshi. 

Saru Lock is a big win.

Last night, i finished Saru Lock and... 


About here; I died.
(Don't judge me, but in my head it went "Dozou.") 

Saru Lock is... Awesome xD  
It's about a Lock smith going through different problems and... It's GREAT. xD Oh and, also he's a virgin, so... If you watch it, there'll be a lot of... his pervy thoughts xD I suck at explaining stories to people, but even the Dramawiki resume didn't really make me want to watch it but, i really don't regret. It's a funny drama that made me burst in laughter. Ichihara Hayato is really funny in it and even if his grey hair is disturbing... He's hot. xD  Other than him, there's ahum... The girl who played Minami in Bloody Monday, the husband of Miyazaki Aoi from Rookies ( Takada Sousuke? Cute too x) ) And also... Another guy that I think i saw in The Quiz Show 2? xDDDDD Anyways, Saru Lock is... Definitly a win for me!  I'm happy to finish my Drama Marathon with this!

No, you've got to be kidding! xD

 It's just an entry to say that.. Today is Narimiya Hiroki's Birthday <333


I can't wait to see him in 'Juui Dolittle' this fall with Oguri Shun-kun and Inoue Mao-chan~ But i can't wait to see him creepy again. YAY. GO CREEPY GUYS ~  Nya~ 

Eh? She's posting so soon again? xP

 Since the last time i've posted..
~ I've finished ROOKIES. God, it's awesome. I  cried again. Since i cried for the first time for a drama i can't stop now. I have to cry. But it's not my fault, when they are crying... I have to cry too ;_____; Now that i've finally understood the rules of Baseball , i kind of regret that i haven't been able to watch a real game when i was in Canada ne ~  To sum up: Rookies's awesome, Aniya is incredibly hot and... Sato Ryuta is just so cute ♥  * watch the ep of Shukudai with him* ... that Shukudai ep was so great, with Satoshi's fly open. YAY. 
~ I'm also watching "Saru Lock", i started it highly biased but... It's so funny. :'D I'm loving it ~  ♥ 
~ I'm currently watching the last ep of Yankee-kun ( and i'm also feeling very hungry) and... Narimiya Hiroki... I love you ♥    *w*  and I love Naka Riisa in there. She's so cute and so funny ~ 
~ School is starting soon, Yabai yo. 


Nyaa~  Ichihara Hayato  ♥ 

Wait. This lacks of Arashi. I'm loving "Gift" " Refrain" and "movin' on". T.A.B.O.O is ... well sexy but, i can't help laughing, and Oh-chan's "Shizuka na Yori ni". However, this song... i don't know, Satoshi's voice sounds different. But i don't care. he's awesome   ♥ 

It has been a while.

 Lately... well what is new? 
I graduated from High school, preparing a new start. ( Kowaaaaai ) 
I've enjoyed my last holidays as a ... teenager. ( >_< ) 
I'm watching a lot of drama lately. ...Yup. a LOT. I've finally watched Bloody Monday Season 2, I'm currently watching Rookies and Yankee-kun... And what can I say after that?... I have something for Yankees. Definitly. *nods* 

and yeah, i fell in love with Haruma again. 

Everytime i post again, it's just to shout my love for him.

Because I love how his voice broke while singing 5x10.
Because I love how he chuckled when he made his speech. 
Because I love how he looked in this red shirt and in this transparent thing,
Showing embarrased to show his nipples to everyone, even if we all know that he just loves to show them.
Because he can look very manly and very childish at the same time.
Because he is darn too cute in his Kaibutsu-kun costume, which I find so wrong to love so much,since he looks like a kid although he is turning 30 this year.
Because I could continue this list, but i'll stop there but saying that,
I love Ohno Satoshi

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